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approving payments

I am a client.  Currently the freelancer gets paid automatically once they submit the invoice. I would like to approve the freelancer's payment before they are paid (I want to see what they did and if that corresponds to what i know about their work).   How can i turn off automatic payment and approve the payment before it is paid?


Hi Meghal,


I checked your account and see that you have an hourly contract. For hourly contracts, you are automatically invoiced for the hours that the freelancer logs. You'll have the opportunity to review the freelancer's work diary, and if you need to dispute any of the hours, you may do so. You also have the option to review the work diary and inform the freelancer if there are any unnecessary hours logged and have the freelancer delete them on the current workweek.


  • Every Monday, you'll be invoiced for the previous week's hours based on your freelancers' Work Diaries.
  • Your default billing method will be charged automatically for the balance due.
  • If you need to file a dispute, you must do so by Friday of that week.

Learn more about the timing of the billing cycle here.

~ Joanne

Actually I'm a freelancer and my client says she never got asked for an approval and I still see my payment as pending per her approval. Where should be go to approve?

Elizabeth R wrote:

 Where should be go to approve?

Nowhere. You get paid automatically.


Elizabeth R wrote:

I still see my payment as pending per her approval.

Nothing to be approved. There is no such thing as "approving" hourly payments. They are fully automated.


It's all explained here


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Hello, I am a client. We agreed with a freelancer on a $30 work. After the freelancer has done the job, I decided to end the contract, stating that he has successfully finished the job. 

Now I don't know how to approve his payment, I do not see any option for that. 

Also, when I check the transaction history, I see $21.67. We've agreed on $30, and that's what I hired him on

Hi Ibrahim,


I checked the contract you're referring to and it's an hourly contract. On hourly contracts, you are billed every Monday for any hours the freelancer logged the week prior, you do not need to process any payment manually on your end.  You can go to Jobs > All Contracts and search for the contract you're looking for. Under "Time & Payments", you will see how much have you been billed based on the time the freelancer logged on their end. 


You may want to check out this help article to learn more about the differences between contracts on Upwork. 

~ Luiggi
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Hi there, Has anyone found a solution on having to approve a freelancers bill before they charge me for the week? I have a freelancer who doesnt use all her hours but still bills me the maximum anyway?? As people utilizing Upwork, we should be able to have the option to approve a bill or not? I also dont see my free lancers work diary? Where can I find this?

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