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complaint about client


Hope you staying safe!!!

I want to raise one query about my client. Hope you help me out with this.

I have received a job invitation on 11th Jan 2021. Here is the job posted link for your reference **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I and the client had a conversation about the work requirements
and according to the client's requirements, he says you design only 3 Desktop Figma frame 1 2 and 3
I will design  all the frame according to the requirements when I finish the work 

Maxim says send me files I send the files so after he receiving the file he cancels the contract without telling me the issues.

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Clients are allowed to close (or "cancel") a contract at any time. There is nothing wrong with that. No rules have been violated.


There is no cause for you to file a "complaint" about this client.


If you have an hourly contract, then you are paid for all of the time that you log. A client may close the contract at any time. That is fine.


If you have a fixed-price contract, then the client may release any remaining money in escrow and close the contract at any time. That is fine.


You said that the client asked you to send him the files. And you sent him the files.


You were supposed to send him the files. The files belong to the client.


As long as the client has paid for your work as agreed, then those files belong to the client.

But he did not pay to me
And I have done 70% work he received the files and cancle the contract

re: "But he did not pay to me. And I have done 70% work he received the files and cancle the contract"


Muhammad A:

I client can not unilaterally close a contract without paying a freelancer.


If this was an hourly contract, you will be paid automatically for the work that you logged.


If this was a fixed-price contract, then the client CAN NOT simply click a button and get the escrow money back. The client can REQUEST a refund, but the freelancer must AUTHORIZE the refund. If the freelancer declines that refund request, then the money does NOT go back to the client.


There are only three possibilities:

- You were paid for the work that you have done

- You made a mistake that resulted in you not getting paid

- Your description of what happened left out key details and you need to explain more fully what happened.

So now i need to open the dispute?

Hi Muhammad,


I can see this is a Fixed-Priced contract and your client has requested an Escrow Refund. Please know, you'll need to respond to the refund request within seven days or the funds will be returned to the client automatically. You can dispute the refund request by navigating to your contract room and clicking on "Respond to Request". If your client reject the dispute, an Upwork dispute specialist will provide mediation assistance to both parties to try and resolve the matter.



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Was it an hourly contract or a fixed rate contract?


If hourly, did you track your time? If so, you get paid automatically

If fixed, did you get an email asking you to approve the return of Upwork funds? You can dispute that.

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