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copyright for big projects

I fully understand the rules of copyright on Upwork and have been working professionally here for about two years. But I'm talking about the artists who work here. I am an animation director and producer. I recently found a client who has a lot of projects, all of which are short films. In the world of advertising, I don't care if my name is on the ads I make, but short films are different. As someone who has made several short films myself, it is customary to mention the names of each of the film's cast and members at the end of the film. Again, I know the copyright rules on this site, and I know we have no right on the files we deliver. But I want to ask the artists, is this project worth it? you know everything is not about money when it comes to art.
About 30 people have to work on the project, but the customer just wants to have his own name.
The fact that the names of the agents are at the end of a film does not mean that we want to steal that film. The copyright is all with the producer, writer and director, who is the customer.
sorry if there were any mistakes! English is not my first language.

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