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iPhone App Push Notifications don't work

Hello guys,

For the last few days, in Upwork iphone apps (both new and old one) I've been experiencing push notification are not being received. Is there any of you experiencing this issue?


Just to confirm, any other application in my mobile works and Upwork apps notifications settings are turned on.

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I noticed the same thing around the time I updated my phone to 13.2.2. I'm assuming that's why I don't get alerts anymore. I sent a report ticket to their ios support today. If I hear anything, I'll pass along their comments/results.

I have not been getting message notifications since updating to the latest version of the app on the iPhone. No other changes to my account or device.

Hi Andrew,


Please try following our troubleshooting steps listed in this Help Article. If you have any additional questions let me know, thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks for the link. It doesn’t mention anything specifically about notifications but I have followed the info in some knowledge base articles.

I have also removed and added the app again so let’s see if it changes.

The only thing that had changed was the update to the app.


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