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"Connection lost" on Upwork Desktop app

Hi! On May 22nd my desktop app went offline - "connection lost" message appeared. I checked my internet connection and tried to use another computer, then another internet to check if the problem is on my end. But it was same from every device and with different internet providers. Upwork status page said "partial disruption" at that time. So I waited.


After few hours Upwork was Up and I still had this problem. I contacted support about it and they still did not give me any answer. I tried to reinstall the app, it didn't work.


The only helpful thing I discovered - is that if I restart the app by clicking "settings" - "advanced" - troubleshooting - "restart" - then it restarts and uploads 10 minutes of the tracked time to the diary. And if I restart again - another 10 minutes get uploaded. I have to restart it as many times as 10 minute segments were tracked. And that is the only way for me to track time now! I have to restart the app for 6 times per hour!


Maybe anybody of you experienced this problem too and found some other solutions to fix it like I found this thing with uploading 10 minutes by restarting the app. I will appreciate any help since I am still waiting for the upwork technical team to contact me.


Here is my request about this problem: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/requests/28728013

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your this logic help me a lot

is that if I restart the app by clicking "settings" - "advanced" - troubleshooting - "restart" - then it restarts

in troubleshooting section i checked all options and then restart and working fine now.


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