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Exchange rate difference

Dollar rate in Pakistan today is 149 Pakistani rupees and upwork is offering 136 Pakistani Rupees per dollar. Why there is a huge difference of 13 rupees?
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Community Manager

Hi Muhammad,


Thanks for reaching out to us. The difference in exchange rates is not something Upwork can control. When a bank converts a transaction, they will mark up the interbank rate to buy or sell a currency. Online calculators will not take into consideration the mark up that is applied. While it's not possible to show the real-time conversion rate, the rate you're looking at is the last exchange rate used by Upwork's banking partner on the manual withdrawal form. Since rates constantly change throughout any given day, the rate you'll receive after initiating withdrawal will be the rate offered by our bank at the time your specific transaction gets processed. For more information check out this Help Article.


Thank you

~ Aleksandar
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