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First bad experience - scam

Hello community.

I started using Upworks a couple of weeks ago. First time giving it real attention. And the experience has been... not good. Can't recommend colleagues to use it.


I spend a good amount of time reading, setting my profile, and sending the applications with personalized cover letters. All that is so my first experience is that of someone trying to scam me. Not only that but I found out about this scam because the "client" sent me a pdf with a link to a Google form asking me this.


Kindly provide your primary wallet address for ETH/BSC/SOL to receive your monthly (weekly, daily) salary.

This information is necessary as, in the event of your satisfactory performance, we plan to cover the UpWork fee for hiring and establish a direct contract with you. To ensure smooth processing, please include your primary address with your transaction history. This helps build trust, as newly created addresses might result in potential payout delays from our payout team.

Please fill in only the wallet address.




Then, a fast Google search sent me to the Upwork forums, where it seems A LOT of freelancers are dealing with this scam behavior.


This is a terrible and disheartening first experience for me here.

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I also received this one just now. Good thing I did not fill out the form, and I have already reported the account. I thought they would be my first client, haha, but it seems not yet. 

What about connect that we lost  for submitting this p

What about connect that we lost for submitting this proposal . How to get this back? 
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Same experience my first two messages were about filling up this form!

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