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Freelance Translate Job

I recently got my first freelance translator job. However, the process did not seem reliable to me. I'm telling you;

First, one of the jobs I applied for reached me on Upwork, sent me an e-mail address and said that they wanted me to reach them here.
I also sent an e-mail. A telegram account address was given in response and they said I should contact them from there. I did what they said. I actually talked to someone and agreed. However, they stated that the payment would be made 4 days after the work was completed and no offer contract was sent to me via Upwork.

Do you think this is reliable or should I cancel this job?



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This is a scam. Clients and freelancers are not allowed to communicate outside of Upwork before a contract is made. This is a  violation of Upwork's Terms of Service.


Flag the job as inappropriate and stop all communications with the client.


Hi Nihan


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to let you know that sharing contact information before a contract has started is against Upwork's Terms of Service and that all communications prior to the contract starting must take place on Upwork.

As Clark mentioned, you to let us know if a TOS violation has happened by using the Flag as Inappropriate option throughout the platform. You can learn more about user reporting here.


Additionally, I see that you are new to Upwork so I encourage you to check this help article and available learning paths in the Academy section to help you get a safe and successful start. 


~ Nikola
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