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Hi Everyone!

I am new on Upwork. I need some help in getting the job   and tips for beginners.

Thank you beforehand!

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Hi Jamila K.,

All prices on Upwork are in US dollars. Check out other translator profiles. But, initially keep the hourly rate lower than theirs. It can help you get a job.


Before starting the work...

Know what not to do here.

For Example...

  • Don't go outside UpWork no matter who calls you. Do the work in UpWork.
  • Do not share any of your personal contact information.
  • Don't ask for money/5 star rating in message box. and etc.

If you need an answer to any question, search your question first in the community. If you don't get an answer, post your question. Because you will get late reply when you post.


Take some time and check out these Courses


You will understand more after completing these courses.



Check this Expert talk

Identifying & Avoiding Scams : https://community.upwork.com/t5/Videos/Identifying-amp-Avoiding-Scams/ta-p/1088711


Check out these articles:

Staying Safe on Upwork


Top Red Flags for Scams


9 Tips to Help You Create a Freelancer Profile That Stands Out



I hope this message helps you.

Thank you all for your attention! I'm going to take into consideration all your suggestions!
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Hello! Welcome to Upwork 🙂 

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Hi Jamila K.,


Welcome and good luck!




You mention in your profile that you are TESOL certified. I recommend importing that certification from Credly. The more badges ("flair") you can add to your profile, the better. You can read more about adding your certifications at https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/215650138-Add-Certifications




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Hello! I am also new to Upwork and I'm still learning now, although we have the skills but being a freelancer needs to specialize more expertise and upgrade the skills we have because we are in a competitive world of virtual assistants.

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You have to spend a lot of time to search a job that relates to your expertise. And you should be updated... I hope you will get a job.

Thank you! Hopefully, I get a client soon, I really want to explore this kind of business.

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