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How do I contact upwork support directly via email?

I need to reset my password and security question, submit ticket not working - says need to fill out fields with * and I did but unable to submit.

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re: "How do I contact upwork support directly via email?"


It is really not Upwork's intention that you contact Upwork Customer Support directly via email. If they wanted you to do that, then they would post an email address for people to use.


Upwork's support efforts are definitely not email-centric.


More reliable methods for getting supporting include posting your question here in the Community Forum, and creating a help desk ticket.

I tried creating a ticket but it wont push through and was unable to submit. Do you know how to fix it? Thank you


Hi Pauline,


I've shared your concern with the team and a Customer Support Team member has reached out to you through this support ticket to assist you further with your concern.

~ Luiggi
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