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How do I know when I've been hired?

This is my first job on Upwork. I have had a message conversation with a client, and we've set up a time to meet when I will officially do the work (it's a technical troubleshooting situation, where she will screenshare with me). I assume that I have not been officially hired, even though we agreed on a time.....but I don't really know where to look to see that I have been hired. Also, would it be appropriate for me to remind her that I can't meet with her until she officially marks me as "hired"?



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Hello Marci,


You may check it by going to your My Jobs page. If you can see your contract in the Active Jobs list, that means you already have a contract with your client. You may also check it on your notification page by clicking the bell button beside the accounts menu, you will see a notification saying that your contract with the said client has started. Thank you.

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