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How does my client edit our current on-going contract job title?



I have a new (1 week) hourly contract that I did good work on. The client offered me additional work with medical billing. I accepted and the client increased my contract weekly hour limit. The dual work roles are going great.


I would like my contract job title to include medical billing so it will be shown on my profile and I get acknowledgement. The client is happy to add the additional work but doesn't know how to edit the job title. Is it possible and if so, how?


All the documentation (initial work, additional work offer, acceptance, great work comments, request to add medical billing work in job title and client agreement) are in our Upwork message conversations.


Thank you.



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Better to run it as two contracts, so if the combined limit of the 2 contracts is 10 hours, you could keep the current contract at 5 hours and the medical billing one at 5.

Easier for the client to see what cost is associated with what contract too.


Can the client change the title to only medical billing, one contract? If so how?

The 2 work duties are dependent on each other so I can submit medical claims. I'd like to keep only the medical billing title. My work limit is 20 hours and client offered to increase as needed. 90% of 16 hours I logged this week are for medical billing.
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