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If I issue a requested refund will the client still be able to leave a review?

Hi I am new to Upwork and I have been fortunate to get a few really good clients and one not so good client. I am working with growing an Instagram account and I grew it by more than the metrics that I promised as well as increased engagement significantly but the client is not being reilistic and is saying I didnt increase her engagement at all but I did and I have the data to prove it. She is also upset that the followers I gained her were mostly male when she wants female followers interested in fashion, but she only posts photos in swimsuits that are not female freindly 


But anyway, I can agree to disagree and let us go our seperate ways, but I am wondering if she ends our contract does that show as an incompleted job for me? also if I issue the refund does that then not allow us to leave feedback for eachother? I am wondering if giving her a refund will help my account in any way verses just proving that I did the work and argueing for my money. 


What are your thoughts? 

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In order for a client's public review of a freelancer to appear, a contract must have a payout to the freelancer of at least one dollar.


Otherwise, the contract and any associated review can not appear in a freelancer's work history.

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Are you planning to give this client a refund because you didn’t do the job she give you to do or because she has said she’ll give you a good rating if you pay her money back?

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