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Losing a rising talent badge

Hello people!

Recently I completed my first design job, wrote a feedback to my client(cause he happened to be realy nice) and got positive feedback as well. Also i have another job in progress. Everything seems to be fine except the fact i have lost my RTB. I apply for jobs on daily basis and reply to clients regularly. I do not understand the logic behind all this. Should I wait until I get my badge back and not wasting connects for nothing? Or continue to apply hoping for the best? 


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Hi Pavlo,


I see you have one job without feedback, which may well be the reason for losing RT badge. Also, keep in mind that public feedback is not the only one, clients as well give private feedback, which may differ from the public one greatly.
Not applying for jobs is not the best thing to do. You should get more jobs and great feedback after completion to be able to get RT badge back, or more likely a JSS.


Hope that helps!

Thanx for your responce!

That one job without feedback was long time ago and a get a badge AFTER it. Private feedbacks are new info for me. As much I understand client was satisfied with my work and I reaaly hope private feedback is not differs that much from public one.

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Hi, can somebody tell me why I lost my RT badge? I have a doubt that it must be because of my latest client feedback of 4.45 stars but I just wanna make sure and how could I get it back again? Thank you so much. 

Hi Quennie,

While we won't be able to share specific details about the change in your Rising Talent status, there are some common reasons users might no longer be Rising Talent, which are :
You have a Job Success Score.
You have received public and/or private feedback from clients that indicates poor outcomes.
You haven’t submitted any proposals or worked on any projects in the past 90 days
You have a policy violation or other concern pending.


I see. But I just remembered that I made this account last year, February. Not exactly sure about the date but could it be the reason too? 

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