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One of my client has disputed and going to participate in arbitration.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

One of my clients hired me for a fixed-price contract before he sent the offer I have given him a list of deliverables. I completed all tasks within two days and delivered him (postman file and deployed API on my server as he asked to deploy code on my server he did not have a server).


I have given everything to his frontend developer and he started wiring up API. Later his developer and the client realized they need more API and from this point, the client started the game, he started asking for Stripe integration and many more items.


at last, Th client asked me for estimates of additional tasks, I gave him estimates and he ended the contract. 

he has paid only 50 USD and a milestone of USD400, which he disputed for. The work is already done.

I read somewhere if I don't participate in arbitration, Upwork will suspend my account(this is crazy). I want your help, Aug 21st is the last day of paying the arbitration fee. 


Honestly speaking, I want to participate in arbitration, I want to team him a lesson. I need your help. Could you please share the pros and cons of participating in arbitration?




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