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Possible fake company...

Hello! I'm new to Upwork and just finished a job for a client. They want me to send my bank info through the company email..of course I said that won't happen, not safe at all. I told them all my info is on Upwork and to pay me that way. I didn't pay them upfrint or anything, but I'm thinking it was a scam...it was just to retype a story and only correct spelling errors. It was horrobly written, so they really didnt get anything out of me but some corrected spelling, lol.


Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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Yes, it's a scam. Did you actually get a proper contract on Upwork before you went ahead and did this job? 

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Unfortunately I didn't..was too excited. Of course, now I know. Do many companies use Telegram, or is that usually a scammers tool?


It's the scammers' preferred contact method; however, you aren't allowed to contact clients off of Upwork at all - whether you think something is a scam or not - before a contract is in place. The rule was designed to protect newbies from being scammed. Read the terms of service and the Upwork Academy materials. You're lucky that only your time was wasted; freelancers who ignore the rules usually end up getting their money stolen, getting involved in criminal activities, or getting their computer infected with malware.

Right, I know that now. It litereally was my very first "job" I received or accepted. Anyway, I hope to get some legit offers and jobs soon. Thanks!


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