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Private Job Feedback Score

Hello, I need your support!

I encountered an issue with my last client. I successfully completed a job for them in two milestones, earning $900, and they were satisfied with the work. However, after a month, they assigned me another job unrelated to the previous one as the third milestone, setting a 6-day limit.

Despite needing 3-4 additional days, I completed the task at 70%. Unfortunately, the client initiated a refund request for the third milestone, amounting to $350. After reaching out to the client, they expressed a desire to cancel the refund request, but it wasn't possible. Surprisingly, even after I accepted the refund, I saw that client has left a negative feedback of 2 stars. This lowered my overall ranking, despite the fact that the client was initially satisfied with my work.

It seems that this client, being new to Upwork, may have been concerned about losing money and left negative feedback hastily. Is there any way to address this issue? Can the feedback be changed, or is there an alternative solution? My Job Success score has dropped from 100% to 78% due to this incident.
Your guidance would be greatly appreciated!

As I read on the forum, it seems that the private rating cannot be changed. Unfortunately, it appears that once a private rating is given, there might not be a mechanism to modify or update it.

It's unfortunate that newcomers to Upwork can negatively influence your score, out of stupidity or haste, or fear of losing money in my case, because they don't know how upwork works (for example escrow). I believe only clients who have completed 2 or more jobs should be allowed to leave private feedback. This way, clients would have a better understanding of Upwork rules and the significance of their feedback.

Otherwise, it becomes too easy for someone to create an account, assign you a private job with positive recommendations, and then leave negative feedback to harm your overall rating. Implementing this change would help prevent potential misuse and maintain the integrity of the rating system.


Should these rules from the screenshot be applicable to clients as well !?
... or should the background color of the private score webpage HTML be set to RED to emphasize to the client how crucial this feedback is

The private feedback system is quite flawed.
The funny thing, the client even suggested a way to rise up my private score rating ...

PS: The client is currently waiting to receive money from escrow and then reimburse me. This delay has already cost him more than 5 days.


This newcomer to Upwork has been informed about Upwork rules by me.


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You can enable client feedback, however make sure the client is going to increase and not decrease their review.

Yes, I already turned it on
but private feedback is killing my profile, can not be changed
What’s even more interesting is that this client wanted me to go to freelancer.com and make deals there, but I convinced him to stay here, may be I do wrong choise
he didn't know about these upwork rules, I was surprised ...
I think Upwork is guilty of this, if a client is new to Upwork, he should not influence the private feedback
Another new client today, I spent my entire day talking about how things are done here at upwork

Agree - I don't like the situation either because English is a second or third language of many of my clients and by accident at times click the wrong buttons.

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JSS is a nightmare. I used this site when it was elance and had a great time. When it came upwork I had my first client try to blackmail my feedback for extra work / lowered cost. 2 years later it's still negatively affecting me. I think JSS is dumb. It works 80% of the time but in my case the other 20% it is making people skip over me because some loser wanted to save 150$


Terrible stuff. Upwork do better.

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