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Ran out of Connects but still no invites!

I'm in Upwork for 3 months now but still not getting any invites. I've ran out my connects and I don't wish to spend money just to submit a proposal. Please help.

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so how are you gonna get a job if you won't send proposals? 

I know but it seems impractical to buy connects just to send proposals and still end up not being viewed. I've sent out more than 30 proposals, each requiring 4-8 connects. I only had 1 proposal viewed by a client and that was 2 weeks ago. I've had several proposals to which I'm really best suited for the job, those postings only had 5-10 proposals being submitted, and still not getting viewed or invited. I'm so confused.  I did update my profile to best fit my niche. I sent out excellent proposals, some with samples of my work outside Upwork.

Yeah, but it takes time in the beginning you just need to be patient and consistent. 
I am doing the same and I got my first project in less than 30 days and a couple of good responses but for the past 20 days, no response at all and that's how it goes in the start. 
Work with positive energy for another 30 days and I am sure you gonna get the job this time.


Oh, thank you. Hope it'll turn out the same and as good as yours. I guess I'll have to wait for another month then (that's 4 months waiting)

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