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I was wondering if this job invitation is legitimate or not? 

Our recruitment team from **Edited for Community Guidelines** viewed your resume published on (https://www.upwork.com) Application: Live Chat Agent, (Full Time/ Part Time) and we are pleased with your qualification, We believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview. ($22.00-$35.00 per hour).


This is strictly an online work from home job. Full Time/Part Time  


This is an online Texting Interview; do you have any of the following Signal Messenger Apps on your phone? 

So, we can proceed with the job Briefing and interview, Signal Messenger will be used for the purpose of the interview. To get connected, click on the link to set up a Signal Messenger account.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Your details have been forwarded to **Edited for Community Guidelines**(Hiring Manager) of Upwork. She would be conducting an online interview with you to discuss the Job Details, Descriptions, Pay Scale and Benefits, etc.


You can download a Signal Messenger app on your phone or computer using your phone number to sign up and add up the Company Hiring Manager on her ID **Edited for Community Guidelines** for more information and interview.  

Your verification code is **Edited for Community Guidelines**


This would serve as your identification number throughout the on-line hiring process. This is a remote job and working hours are flexible. Job description, pay scale, duties and briefing about the company will be discussed during the interview.   

Interview Scheduled: Online.    


Time: ASAP.  


Venue: Signal Messenger.    


Your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position...You can also send an email to **Edited for Community Guidelines** for any questions you may have as regards to setting up your interview. We look forward to having you on the team.


We look forward to meeting with you…

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1 BILLION % a scam. Aside from the impossibility of **Edited for Community Guidelines**reaching out like this, the English is bad, and the message is WAAAAY too long - they are hoping to lull you into a vulnerable daze. And, seriously, @hotmail address?? RUN!

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