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Telegram Scam



Today I received a message on Upwork from **Edited for Community Guidelines**who asked me to communicate via Telegram with **Edited for Community Guidelines**, I contacted him and he asked for some information, he offered me a high payment (in this case, $2350) for retyping 5 PDFs and sent multiple links to download information.


As soon as I became aware of this scam, I knew I had to report it.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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This is a violation of Upworks Terms of Service. 

As a rule of thumb, anyone who wants to initiate communication on telegram is a scammer. Especially in combo with a fantasy salary for an easy job. 

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Never go off site, and in addition, Telegram jobs are usually scams.

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Same things happend to me, i did one smae project of changing 5 pdf files for $2350 and it was a scam.


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