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The right to offer is wasted

We're bidding on the ads that open here, but most of them don't even open the ad and re-enter the site.
That's why our bid is wasted.

I wonder if the upwork of these jobs is opening up on its own and trying to consume the rights of the people to the singles.

If the job was not given to the bider, return the offers when the job closes

Hi Hasan,


I'm sorry to hear you feel like your Connects are wasted. I would like to clarify that, if a client doesn’t hire and closes their job post, any Connects used to submit a proposal will be returned to you. However, if they do not close the job and it expires, no Connects will be returned. We understand this isn’t ideal, and we regularly reach out to clients who have open job posts to encourage them to close them if they don’t intend to hire.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your experience,

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