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Time Tracker app

I have a new Chromebook that I bought before joining Upwork, only to find out that it doesn't support the time tracker app.   I am working for a new client so I used my old computer (Which I'm trying to not do work on because it's broken.) to run the time tracker but did the work on my new Chromebook.  I did 3 hours of work and the time tracker was running correctly as I checked it periodically.  I just discovered that I was logged as having done a mere 30 minutes of work.  How did that happen?  Is it because there was nothing on the older computer for the time tracker to take a screenshot of?  I don't get it.

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You have now learned that the time tracker application is not a time clock. You were trying to use it as a time clock. But it is not designed to be used that way.


The time tracker does not count time segments for which there are insufficient mouse/keyboard activity.

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