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Upwork for Students

Hi Upwork Community,


unfortunately my first post got deleted, so i'll just try again.


A friend of my brother is student (18+) and wants to help me on a regular basis as an Assistant. He seeked advice and was told not to get a "trade translucent", though he can work up to 17.500 € in Germany without having to pay any taxes. And he will receive a tax number.


Can he get an upwork account and just start working for me, without me having to hire him and going through more labor and paying insurances etc. than he probably saves me from? 🙂


Any help appreciated.





Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Aras,

Unfortunately no, you will need to hire the freelancer on a official contract.

For your second question, It`s best to advice with a local tax adviser to answer your questions, and how to report your invoices from Upwork. If you need further help let us know, thank you!

~ Goran

Aras - your profile picture must be a real picture of you if you are a freelancer. I suggest you change it before you get suspended....

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