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What Is A 'Post Code?'

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Sameeya A Member Since: May 30, 2021
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Hello. I was filling in my bank information when one of the requirements asked me to:


"Please enter the post code associated with your account."


Is this the postal code that is needed or the branch code? I have seen other questions from several freelancers (from the same country like mine) asking for assistace with the same question. Our banks have provided us with a Branch Code, which is a unique identifying code for a given branch of a bank, according to Google. Is a Post Code the same thing? 


Or, is a Post Code the postal code of the city, which is also known as the ZIP code in other countries? Could you please clarify this information as I don't want to enter the wrong information on the website. Also, this could help the other freelancers here as well.


Thank you in advance.

Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Sameeya,


Yes, this is the post or Zip code of your bank's address. Rest assured, as long as you have the right account number and the name on the bank account matches the name on your Upwork account, there is nothing to worry about with withdrawing your funds.