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Why I don't get Upwok invitation?

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Md. Azizul H Member Since: Sep 5, 2018
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I'm an expert Graphic designer but I don't get any invitation from upwork. Though my account is over 7 months. So How I will get more invitation and more views?

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Md M Member Since: Aug 15, 2019
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Hello Azizul,

Can you tell me that how many jobs have you completed ? 

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Md. Azizul H Member Since: Sep 5, 2018
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Community Guru
Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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I would raise my rate if I were  you.  It's too low.  Your chances will improve if your rates were in line with other professionals in your category.  Really.  It works.

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Dogan K Member Since: Nov 2, 2019
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If you're not "Top-Rated" or "Rising Talent", it could be a challenging process. You should give them a reason to invite you. An eye-catching and reliable profile photo can help you. It is the first thing that clients see. A not-boring and short profile description could be a secondary help for you. But the most important thing is the perfect match. You must have all the qualifications that the job needs. You need a little luck, of course.

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Akhtar N Member Since: Feb 3, 2018
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I am a Top Rated Seller, completed 26 Jobs and 2 ongoing projects. but still not getting any invitation. I have received the last invitation on Nov 2. So could you suggest what should I do to increase the number of invitations?



Community Guru
Viacheslav K Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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Because you have set your English to Fluent, but call people 'Dear'. Unless you want to be hired by your spouse that's a very bad way to address clients.

Also, you need to up your punctuation skills. You miss commas and dots.

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Subash P Member Since: Jun 23, 2015
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Congrats on completing 7 months at Upwork Smiley Happy 
Instead of waiting for invitiations I would recomend you to:
1. Learn new skills and apply to more jobs.
2. Make a good relation with your clients, deliver quality work, communicate well and be honest, so that you can get more work from your current client.

3. Get more active on the platform, search for more jobs but make sure you ony apply to jobs that best fits your skill sets.