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Why aren't my Earnings Available to Download to Bank

So, I got a notice that I was finally able to Get Paid. My direct deposit forms all were approved. But I was surprised to find that only $74.00 were available to be sent to my bank.


Why the heck is that when I had an additional $650 in Earnings from a different job? (see attached)

I don't get it. That money has been sitting there for over a weeks as well.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mark, 


Your earnings on Upwork are processed according to the Weekly Billing cycle. Payments released for fixed-price contracts go through a 5-day security period and will be available to you once the security period is over. 


If you check your Reports page (Reports > Overview), you will see where in the billing cycle the payment is. If the payment is in the Pending tab, this means it's already in the security period. You may read through each tab to know when you should expect the payment to be available on your account.

~ Avery
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