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Sir, why don't I get a job? Is there a problem with my profile? please help me, sir.

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Hi Imran,


Don't give up, keep applying. It can take a while to land your first job. In my first 3 months, I only landed 4 clients and they were small starter jobs. 


I had a look at your profile. Your skill is worth more than $5 an hour. I know that works out more in your country than it would in the USA, for example, but the majority of clients are based in the USA and they will think $5 is cheap and cheap doesn't usually equal high-quality in many people's minds. 


Your profile bio does have a few grammar problems. I know English is not your first language and to be honest, I've seen worse bios, but you may want to get someone to have a look or use an online grammar checker. Mainly because the majority of clients are English-speaking. 


Hope that helps,


Best wishes,



thanks a lot, sir very helpful message for me

Profile title: "WordPress Developer / Responsive Web Developer"


Upwork has a million people like this.


Be something more, or be something different.


if there were a million waffle bakeries in your town, and you wanted to open a new restaurant... would you open up another waffle bakery? Or would you open up something different?

Hi Imran,

I would try not to start every sentence with "I" (clients are not interested in who you are, but in what you can offer them) and I would do without your opening hours. This is a global platform, people just don't all have the same times as you. Don't worry, I work with people in all sort of countries, I know when they are available and leave messages for them when they are sleeping.

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