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hello,im new here i mean super new... i looked for an answer on utube but no clear answer is upwork free for freelancers?


Hi Insaf,


As a freelancer, you’re charged a sliding fee based on your lifetime billings with each non-Enterprise client. This includes all contracts you’ve ever had with that client. Service fees are the same whether the contracts are hourly or fixed-price.


  • $0-$500: 20%
  • $500.01-$10,000: 10%
  • $10,000.01 or more: 5%


Here's the help article for more information. I'd also encourage you to check out the resources we have compiled here to help you get started on Upwork. 

~ Joanne
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It's free to join, but you need to purchase "connects" in order to bid on projects. New freelancers get free connects to help them get started, but you'll have to buy more when they run out. Then if you actually get a job, Upwork takes s percentage as a service charge - which isn't a problem as long as you charge a high enough hourly rate to cover your expenses, as any good business person should.

I suggest reading all of the information that Upwork provides on this website, as well as reading other questions and answers in the forum. I've seen a lot of Upwork-related videos on You Tube, but I only watch them for amusement because most are filled with absolute nonsense. A lot of the advice is incorrect or out of date as well, and at worst, following some of that advice will get your account banned. You'll get much better information here.


Christine is right. I hope you don't go there again when looking for information about Upwork.

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