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suggestion for clients

Hello, I have notice that some of clients posting jobs, are not specific or not detailed in listing, I'm telling this because as a freelancer we want to know if the job is still available or not, if it's available, please include "still hiring" or "this job is close or not available" or better delete the post, because it will only appear always in search feeds, so some freelancer waste their connects in sending proposal on that job which is not available. My apology, but I am just being true.

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If the job is listed, it's available.


You can see on the job if it has any hires already. There could be plenty of reasons why a client would leave a job open after they have hired someone. You can decide if you want to spend your connects on a job with hires or not.

It's a pity the job search screen has no filter for Hires > 0. Or have I missed it?

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It is up to the clients whether to remove their job postings, but there's a good amount of information included on each one of them under "Activities on this job."
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