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waiting for 1st job

Waiting for 1st job

Hi, I am a new freelancer and I am looking for my first job on Upwork. I'm a professional Accountant. kindly have a look at my profile.  I have already submitted many proposals but am still searching for my 1st job. How can I get my first job?

thank you. 

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By applying to more jobs/projects (?). 


Also, how can we view your profile. It's PRIVATE. 

thank you for your valuable feedback. said the link would to ok to review or I have to do something else like upgrade the profile. let me know how I can show it to the public.  https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01ea8f8840353f5f82 


i think this would be useful to view https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01ea8f8840353f5f82 

is it mandatory to upgrade membership plan or is there any other way to show public 


Hi Kashif,


Thanks for reaching out! I've pulled a few resources that may be helpful to you. Check out these articles to help you create a profile that stands out and improve your profile title and overview. For some great tips on writing proposals that win jobs, check out this article.
Visit our Resource Center and sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.
Thank you,

thank you for your valuable suggestions. 

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Upwork academy courses are beneficial to enhance profile visibility?

kindly have a look at my profile https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01ea8f8840353f5f82 

Thank you,

Hello! your profile is still in private mode.

shift to public mode what do I need to do there are some settings or need to upgrade my membership plan

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