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Marketplace Updates: Boosted Proposals and Connects

Community Manager

We’ve heard your feedback about the fierce competition on Upwork and your suggestion about reducing the number of proposals per job. With that, we have two small updates to share, both launching on March 8:


1. We’re making Boosted Proposals available to more freelancers. Now, up to four freelancers can boost their proposals to the top of a client’s list of proposals. By increasing the maximum number of Boosted Proposals, up to four per job post, we're expanding the opportunity for more freelancers to be found and hired faster.


Since our general release of the feature, we’ve found that Boosted Proposals ups your chances of being hired by up to 55%. While adding more visibility for clients, we’re also increasing freelancer opportunities in the Marketplace. 


2. We’ve reevaluated the number of Connects per job to better match the demand for jobs in the Marketplace. The amount of Connects required to apply has always varied due to changes in demand for jobs; the new adjusted range will be anywhere from 2 to 8 Connects, depending on the value of the job. 


With this update, we aim to:

  • Reduce the number of proposals per job
  • Better match the value of a job with the cost to submit a proposal


To share feedback or ask questions, join the Community discussion.