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Anyway I can still get paid for this?

Hey everyone, so on April 1, I did a job for someone by the name of **Edited for Community Guidelines**. This person chatted with me about the instructions for the job through the message thread here on upwork. I do have screenshots of the conversation but it's a lot of screenshots and can only attach 4 things to this community form. Before **Edited for Community Guidelines**and I started the job, their colleague messaged me the proposal and I accepted but then told me to contact **Edited for Community Guidelines**for instructions. Everything was going fine and part of the job was having to download their game on my phone and test a few things, I had to add money to my apple account in order to purchase something in the game and **Edited for Community Guidelines**gave me card numbers to use for the purchases but instead, $200 actually came out of my card/bank because that was set as a primary card for purchases. in the chat, I told **Edited for Community Guidelines**about the $200 coming out of my bank and they replied saying they will refund the $200 on top of what I'm getting paid for the job but it would take 48 hours. **Edited for Community Guidelines**told me I completed the job but now it's April 4 and I have not gotten anything for being paid and nor have I heard any responses from **Edited for Community Guidelines**or **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I got notified that Upwork suspended the contract between **Edited for Community Guidelines**and me but the job was completed by the time that happened. I do have an open request with the attached screenshots of the conversations between both these individuals and the id for that is 34596151. I have attached screenshots of the job that **Edited for Community Guidelines**sent me which I accepted and the job I sent the proposal for which **Edited for Community Guidelines**responded, also attached is when **Edited for Community Guidelines**said I would get the $200 refunded back to me in 48 hours. 


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Sorry this happened. To stay safe, Freelancers should never buy things to clients or from clients . This is against the Terms of Service. They accessed your money through their app I guess. Buying things with card number they wanted to provide wouldn't have been a better idea as that card number could have been stolen.

not from **Edited for Community Guidelines**sent me the contract and I accepted it before it was paused by Upwork, after I accepted the contract **Edited for Community Guidelines**told me to message her colleague who was **Edited for Community Guidelines**, to let them know I accepted, and then I **Edited for Community Guidelines**began giving me instructions. I will attach a screenshot of the contract with **Edited for Community Guidelines**.

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