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Can't initiate a contract from agency and send it to the client

Hi, I have an active contact with the client under my freelancer account.

I need to close that contract and sign a new one with my client using my agency account this time (I’ve already added the team members to my agency.)


The issue here is that the job post doesn’t exist anymore so I cannot reach out the client.

And I see no option for creating an offer/project (except for Direct Contract I’m not interested in this time.)


So what steps should be taken by me and/or by the client to start our cooperation under my agency’s profile?



Hi Andriy,


Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry if you're having difficulties sending proposals to potential clients. I’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon on this page with more information and further assistance.


~ Arjay
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