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Can't re-submit proposal

I can't change a proposal's coverletter, I have to cancel the proposal, and re-submit.

I can't re-submit a proposal that is boosted.

WHY... was I not warned of that when I cancelled my boosted proposal?


HOW do I edit a small mistake on a boosted proposal? 

Community Member

Why can't I re-apply? I've lost all the connects anyways? 


Hi Aaron,


Thank you for your message. I would like to clarify that if you withdraw a boosted proposal, you can’t submit the proposal again (with or without boosting) and you will still be charged as if you had not withdrawn. Check out this help page for more information.


Thank you,



I am clearly aware of that, it's not helpful to tell me to watch my step AFTER i fell in a hole and AFTER I'm asking you why you didn't warn me a hole was there. My question was "Why was there no warning about that?" "Why did I find out about this ONLY AFTER I did it?" "The standard functionality changed, with no warning, why was there no warning?" 

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