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Client has requested a refund for the amount she paid after meeting all the apps I scheduled

Hello Everyone,


I am new to this community. Recently I have faced an issue. I have worked for a client for about 2 months. The terms was for every 5 qualifieed appointments she will release USD $280. She paid me for the first 2 milestones upon meetings fixed, She listented to all the recordings, Met those appointments. And after going through all the qualification process, she released the payments for my milestones. We have generated over 25 appoitments for her but she had only paid for 10 of them. She disqualified the rest of the appointments. I didnt complain about it. On 15th April she asked for a refund. As we had 3 milestones. 2 were paid and one in Escrow. I can see that before ending the contract she asked for Milestone 2. Which she has released upon verifying my work and meeting to the appointments that we have scheduled for her. I contacted her to know if she wants the Milestone 2 refund which is paid after verifying or Milestone 3 refund which is still in the escrow.  I told her if she wants the MIlestone 3 Refund, I don't mind and I approved when she has ended the contract. 


But I see the Milestone 2 refund request is still there and I don't see any option to challenge the request. Only option I am getting is to refund the milestone payment. I am confused about it. Why is it showing the refund only option and is not allowing me to challange. 


I am still confused, if my client has requested me for the milestone 2 refund on purpose or mistakenly. I am trying to reach upwork support center, but I don't see any option to chat with them or send them a ticket regarding this issue. 


Really hoping to get a resolution on this matter. 





Hi Sayed,


We understand the confusion on your end. However, before checking with support, it is best to communicate first with your client to clarify if this was a mistake or not. They are the ones who can only take those actions in your contract. Should they say that it was a site error, they can contact support.

~ AJ
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