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Customer support

How do I submit a ticket to talk to a live human being? The chatbot is just an infinite loop that is of no help whatsoever. I need to remove myself as a member from an inactive client account so that I can use my email address on my freelance account.


So far, customer service has been non-existent.

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No more live human support here.

You cannot start multiple accounts. Add FL account to your current. Then ask to remove CL from there or leave it as-is, maybe you will need to post some job later.


Hi Prax,


We saw your post in the community and converted it into a support ticket to give it the attention it deserves. Rest assured that one of our agents will be reaching out to you.

~ Joanne
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Please I'm trying to reach create a ticket due to identity verification and would really appreciate help

Not getting a response no matter how much I talk about it 

I'm a Nigerian and my means of identification is NIN but it keeps getting rejected and I would really appreciate some help because that's my only means of identification

Hi Ashley,


I'd like to confirm that I've replied to your post here. You can check the information I shared there. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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