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For Tax purposes I need to change my currency in transaction Report How?


In order to have my retention declared to SAT in Mexico I need to change my currency to MXN, so that Transaction history will show the actual Retention in MXN and not wait 5 months and see them on my email inbox. Since Upwork is not providing a solution for this just yet, I need to be able to give something for the declaration of those retentions and not be charged double!

I need some help here, please!

Thank you!


Hi Raul,


I understand how important this is for you. As I checked, I found that you have already submitted a ticket here


Please look for a status update on that ticket thread. You should respond to the agent there if you have additional information or questions. Rest assured that one of our agents will look into your concern.


Thanks for posting in the community!

~ Alyssa

Thank you, Alyssa,


I have spoken to the Upwork support teams regarding this matter. They will be submitting a request to add a feature for us in Mexico. It's hard to believe that it's been almost three years, and no one has raised this issue with Upwork. I understand that it might be part of Mexican culture to not request more than what is already provided by Upwork, especially since Upwork offers a great way to work and make a living. However, we are facing difficulties in accurately declaring our Upwork earnings due to the delayed retentions and lack of transaction history from Upwork. I've explained how urgent this is for all of us in Mexico, as we have to deal with SAT (the tax authority) here, and their system is challenging. All we need is for the transaction history to be in Mexican Pesos (MXN) in our case, so it can be properly reflected in our accounting.


As I mentioned before, I've been emphasizing this issue, and if Upwork is kind enough to implement this feature for us, it will be greatly appreciated.




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