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VAT information rejected - why ?



I live in Malta, I have a company stablished in the country, but I'm what's called TCN - Third Country National, because I'm not european.


Everything is ok with the company, it had its first annual audit just a few months ago.


When registering, I used the company name on the field asking for it and on the taxpayer information, I included the VAT of the company. That's how I need to receive payment, it's a work done through my company.

However, the VAT was rejected. According the email I received,


We are reaching out because we could not verify the taxpayer information you submitted.
Please check the information and go here to resubmit.
You will be charged VAT if we are unable to validate your taxpayer information.

You can learn more about VAT here.


I have no idea where to start solving this problem. I don't know what verification method was used to check the VAT, which is totally valid, audited by a Maltese accountant. (I could even point valid european sites for this check).

How to solve this problem ?

Kind Regards,



Hi Dennes,


We’ve escalated your post to a support ticket where one of our agents can assist you further. Thank you for posting in the community!

~ Grace
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