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In-correct work log hours

Hi guys, 

I am working for an hourly project. I daily start my work at  9 a.m. due to meetings and always keep upwork timer on. But since two days (11/07/2022) and (12/07/2022) I am facing hours logging issue. Yesterday I started my work by 9 a.m. but when I watched my work hour diary it showed work from 11 a.m. All my hours that I had worked wasted 😞 Any one know why it happened and how can we report it to Upwork support team? Is it possible to get those hours back? 


Also, I haven't deleted any memo or work history record but getting this issue.


Picture for reference attached.



Hi Hareem,


Thank you for reaching out to us. The app logs your activity level by counting the number of mouse clicks, scroll actions, and keystrokes you make as well as receiving information from your operating system about whether you are active or not (useful for less “countable” activities). If you remained idle for quite some time, then that could be considered inactive and therefore, will not be counted. You can learn more about this here and here


Since you've mentioned that this usually happens during your meeting, I suggest that you switch from tab to tab or add in a few clicks or keystrokes so the tracker will not detect you being idle. Or you can talk to your employer about this so they can either allow you to log manual time or issue a bonus payment for the untracked hours.

~ AJ
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