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Inquiry About Project Review Status

I have encountered an issue with the project dashboard. All of my posted projects have been under review for over a week, and I am concerned about the extended review period.

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Last 12 days ago I submited my project catalog, but still now pending and also I got book consultant from upwork and I stuped my consultant, but still now reviwing

Hello Upwork community, 

I have submitted my project for review for 3 weeks now, and it's yet to approve.


Please what can cause it, probable it needs editing to approve.

12 days ago I submitted my project catalog, still now pending

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Community Manager

Hi all,


We understand that you are eager to see your project go live, and we appreciate your patience during this time.
Currently, we are experiencing a longer than usual review process, primarily due to internal efforts aimed at improving efficiency and accuracy. As a result, project reviews are taking approximately 30 days.
We can assure you that your projects are important to us and are queued for review.


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Book consultatnt also reviewing 😐

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