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New Upwork freelancer - message to know the status of my job application

I am a new freelancer. I want to know whether there is any message to me whether my job application is successful or not. I have already submitted 2 jobs applications for few days and not get any feedback.

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Hey !!!!
Well, when you apply for a job on Upwork, sometimes you might not hear back from the client, even if you're not chosen for the job. Upwork doesn't always send a message to tell you if you weren't picked. So, if you've applied for a couple of jobs and haven't heard anything yet, don't worry too much. Keep applying for more jobs, and hopefully, you'll get a response soon. Just be patient and keep trying!

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2? You haven't even scratched the surface yet. If you said 20 or more with no response I still would not be surprised. It has nothing to do with you, but instead it has to do with how Upwork operates. 

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