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I had a client who, after I submitted over 60 pages of work, closed the contract and said he would only pay me in full after I left him a review and signed a new contract. I told him I would only leave him a review after our work was done and then he eventually just blocked me. It was clearly a scam and I can provide screenshots of the conversation and additional information. 


He then commented on my page claiming I blackmailed him which is completely false, (again I can show you our conversations). This paints a false picture of me and could damage work with future clients so I would like to get this resolved.  


However, this was a fixed-price contract and he paid the escrow (less than 10% of the agreed on price). 

I would like to fight this, but I know it's basically impossible with a fixed-price contract. Is there a way I can get the client's info so I can file a small claim? Who can I contact about this? 


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Thats all. Take lesson and move forward. Leave true feedback.

Upwork don't care about fake feedbacks. It is your forever.

Upwork won't share any clients info with you.

You able to receive only 10% prefunded, nothing else. Check escrow before you accepted proposal.

Contacting is useless, you will speak with bot and will waste your time.

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