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Time Tracker Malfunction

I have consistently scheduled work hours from 6 AM to 2 PM (Philippine Time). However, I have encountered a problem where the Time Tracker deactivates without warning. There have been no alerts or indications when the tracker ceases to record my working hours. This has happened multiple times, and the lack of recorded hours is troubling as it affects my billing and could potentially undermine my credibility with clients.

This issue is impacting my professional relationship with my client and my ability to accurately invoice for the time I have dedicated to work. It is critical for me to have a reliable tracking system to ensure I am compensated fairly and maintain transparency with my clients.


Hi Clark,


I am sorry to hear about the issue while using the Desktop App. One of the features of the Desktop App is the ability to pause the time tracking when you lock your screen. This can help you avoid logging idle time or forgetting to stop the timer when you are away from your computer.


If you want to prevent the Desktop App from stopping the tracking automatically, you can disable this setting by clicking your name at the bottom of the Desktop App and selecting 'Settings' > Advanced > Stop Tracker on Screen Lock. Additionally, you can enable reminders on the Desktop App from the Settings page > Reminder tab. You can refer to this help page to learn more about the different settings on the Desktop App. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


- Pradeep

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