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is possible to recover my old account

I had my first Upwork account that 1+K was earning using this email address, but I believe it was hacked because I don't have any access now.
every time I try to log in it gives a "your account is compromised" notification but I don't receive emails from Upwork to reset my password.
if it is possible is it possible to merge with my new account  using my Gmail account) that has a few recommendations and only $20$ earning 
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Hi Enoch,


I have checked your account and It looks like system emails from Upwork were flagged as spam on your email address. No worries! That has been taken care of, you should be able to receive emails from Upwork moving forward.


Please note that accounts cannot be merged and users cannot have more than one freelancer account regardless if the old account is closed or suspended. Additionally, Once you’ve accessed your account, please close this new account which you are posting with, to refrain from violating the Upwork Terms of Service. 

~ Arjay
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Thank you very
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