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milestone miscellaneous pending payment

my milestone miscellaneous payment pending...
i completed a job of $12 for a client and he love my work more, so he decided to ask me of a new job proposal to be execute for him again, i told him the price and he agreed to make the payment, but to my surprise after approval of the previous fixed project ,he pay the next project money as a milestone miscellaneous payment. but on viewing my payment now on get paid , i observed its only the fixed project has the date the money will drop ,the other as miscellaneous payment is still showing pending , but on my total earnings in my profile, the miscellaneous money has been added to my previous earned amount. will the milestone miscellaneous money still drop or it will not ? before i proceed to execute the job because the project is going to cost me money too.

plz kindly help me to show clarity on these .

i attached some doc for clarity

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What do you need to spend for the project? Transactions outside of Upwork are not allowed. Why is the client not buying what he needs himself?

Pending means the payment method of the client was not charged yet.


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I will be running an ads for the project. Thourough SEO and website designing, the ads will lasted for a month and we have agreed on that. 


Am not doing any transactions outside upwork.

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Hi! I happen to be experiencing a similar issue with the person above. I just want to know why the payment still pending meanwhile the invoice for the payment is already available?

Hi Favour,


Pending payments on Fixed-Price contracts become available after a five-day security period has passed. You can check this help article to learn more. 

~ Luiggi
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