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Why is it when I type in the search bar 'Photographer' any and all results containing all connotations and combinations of the word are regurgitated towards me like the projectile vomit of a teenager at their first binge party?? I do not want to get results that have the word 'Photograph' in its main body of text, that could be, and invariably is, a job post for something completely unrelated asking for a picture of the applicant or an image of their latest painting, I typed in PHOTOGRAPHER and require listings with this word in it somewhere offering or requesting this skill. Surely in this day and age with the technological advances in algorithms and programming, coding etc you can make your search results reflect more accurately that which the searcher has required using the word they typed rather than an approximation?  

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Retired Team Member

Hi Darryl,

You can utilize our search filters to create a job feed that will best fit your skills and the job postings you`re looking for. You can check out our blog post covering this topic on how to get the best out of your saved searches.
If you have any additional questions fell free to post them here.

~ Goran