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Are they crazy - or chances?

I'm a very experienced screenwriter, analyst, and coverage feedback report writer. I see many jobs advertised like, for example; "I need a professional screenwriter to write me a feature script on...." Payment = $50. Are they mad!!! To conceptualize and screenwrite a script takes months of hard work. I once responded to a job ad where the client was looking for a screenwriter to write a short comedy (30-page) screenplay about a Zombie who was vegetarian. Running a vegan restaurant. Client payment offer = $45. It so happened that I had written just such a script a year ago - just what the client was looking for! This script of mine had won two competitions and four quarter-places. I sent him my script informing him that he could purchase it from me for $1,500. He replied by praising my great script... and offered me $100 for it! I mean, what the F*%k!!    

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A vegetarian zombie? Good idea. You should not put meat on the compost heap. (Sorry. Bad joke.)


The issue you describe will not go away. The only way to 'solve' it is to turn our products into must-haves. People are happy to pay for what they want (what they really, really want...)!

Yeah. Most clients are dumb! Have not heard the saying... you get what you
pay for. The poor Zombie lived on Soyer bean processed "meat" 🤣