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Switching from UX designer to Author/Writer



I am working on Upwork as a UX designer from past 3 years and recently I have published some of my writing passions too(3 e-books, 3 e-courses and 60+ blog posts).


I am having a decent profile of 95% job success and a good work history for UX designing work but now I am also interested to work for writing projects as I am becoming more inclined towards writing.


Will it be healthy decision to start applying for the writing positions from this profile?


Kindly suggest me the best suitable option as I am interested to work on writing projects as well.




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Sachin , are there a lot of writing jobs in your native language which pay as much as UX design?


I am asking in the hope that I am misunderstanding something and that you are not actually planning to offer writing services in English......

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You must use your existing profile for any job you seek via Upwork. By this, I mean that you cannot create an entirely new profile-- that is against the rules.  If you want to pursue writing jobs, you would simply change your profile summary and skills tags to reflect that intent. You should also add some writing samples to your page. 

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Your English isn't good enough to pull good rates, so unless you want a downgrade in salary.....


I'm actually thinking about going the other way, but I'm not sure if Upwork is the best place for it. You might have an easier time at it than I would, but just so you know going back will be harder than going the direction you are going.