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Agency Networking

We're thrilled you are here! We understand that many of you are not just looking for answers to your agency-related questions but are also hoping to network and meet potential team members and collaborators.


We're delighted to announce that we’ve created a space for you to do just that! So, let's get started and make valuable connections that could lead to amazing team members and partnerships.


Here are a few rules to go over:


How to get started: If you're a freelancer looking to join an agency or an agency owner searching for new members to add to your team, feel free to comment below! 


Best practices on connecting: We encourage you to engage with other members by responding to their comments, checking out their public profiles and portfolios, and even communicating with them via private messages if you're both interested.


What to avoid: To keep things professional, we kindly ask that you don't share any contact information in the thread or post any job listings. This thread is solely for making connections and expressing your interest in joining or building a team.


We hope you find this thread helpful and that it leads to fantastic collaborations and partnerships!

~ Valeria
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Hi Fayyaz,
As an experienced Frontend Developer, WordPress Designer, and Technical Writer, I'm looking to join an agency on Upwork to collaborate with other professionals and work on innovative projects. My portfolio is complete with exceptional reviews. Thank you!

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How do I get invited by an agency administrator to join an agency without prior communication with them.

And is there any group for typists and transcribers that I can join to get more business opportunities?



Yes there is an translation community, search and join.


Go to the top right of the screen outside of this community and search through freelancer listings and see who is in an agency and then contact them within Upwork to learn more. Thanks!


I am Moin, the Data Entry Specialist | Pdf converter | Bookkeeper. I have 9 years experience in outside of Upwork. I am looking for an agency to join for getting more experience. I am in search of a platform where I can show and polish my skills. Your suggestion will be appreciated. 

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I’m Demie Joy and I have a passion for writing. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I take pleasure in immersing myself in learning about new and exciting areas. I have plenty of experience in research, thesis, and dissertation writing and as well as on educational setting, and business as I have worked as a content writer for 3 years time already. I am adept at meticulously researching any topic given and I work to produce original yet engaging prose for my clients. I also have plenty of experience in creating well-optimized, search-engine friendly content for clients who want to increase their online traffic and visibility. My primary writing focus is on research/thesis/dissertation writing, article, blog and site content, but I am always open to other areas of writing.



Do you have a specific question that we can assist with? Thanks!

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Hi, I am a professional architect & I want to join an agency how can I approach them? I have 5 years of experience and skills but I started freelancing too late after getting experience in my field now I wanted to join an architectural agency. anyone can help me?



Outside of the community do a search for agency freelancers by clicking on the left side of the screen and then Upwork message a few people. Thanks!

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Hi, I am an expert in Web Forms(Jotform, DocuSign, HelloSign, Typeform, WP Forms, Cognito Forms, and Stack Forms),  WordPress, CSS, PHP, and HTML. I have 7 years of experience with Top Rated Badge and want to join an agency.


How can I join an aganecy on Upwork?






The first step is to research agencies that specialize in the skills you offer and ensure they are a good fit for your needs. Once you have found an agency that matches your requirements, the next step is to contact them directly and provide them with any necessary documents like an up-to-date resume or portfolio. Additionally, it’s important to take the time to understand all of their requirements, policies, payment terms, and how long artist contracts last. You can then apply using their online application process, which could include submitting evidence of your qualifications as well as record keeping such as bank details or tax documents. Once you have completed this process, often times the agency will review your application and follow up with further questions or inform you of their decision. Go to the "Talent" search bar and type the word agency with your skills. Have a great day!

hi william  

thanks  for your  tip

i am really  search as  you say  but  there isn't an agency  for  architecture  interior designer  

so  could  you  plz  tell  me  if you found  one ?  

just  mention 


thank you 

Isn't there any agency that can help me? Wether data entry or typing? 

Im really getting tired of applying for jobs and not getting through and worst when you complete a project and cant get paid.

And the worst thing is your not getting back your connects if you don't get the job.


Can anyone join in an agency? No one hired me

Hi Jelou Ann Feb,


I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulties landing a job. An agency is a group of freelancers who have come together on Upwork. Freelancers who join an agency may do all their work through an agency (exclusive) or may maintain independent contracts too (non-exclusive).


The only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside of Upwork. You can learn more about agencies in this help article to help you decide if agencies might be a good fit for you.


~ Arjay

I see, so it is really needed that they know me instead of I know them so that I can be invited. I just consumed all my connects but still I haven't landed any jobs. I am not sure how to continue freelancing alone.


You are right. You can join agency as they invite you.

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My name is Sudarshan.
I am Architect work for the last 4 years as an architect. I want to join an Architectural agency kindly help me.

My profile URL:- https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~011728315fd4e9cef9

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hi Sudarshan,


I can see that you are interested in joining an agency. Please know that the only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside Upwork. 


Once you join an agency, you will be added to either of the two agency membership types. You can be either an exclusive agency member or a non-exclusive agency member. To learn more about the agency membership types, please read this help article



~ Joanne
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same  here 


if  you found  plz  mention it  

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Any architectural and engineering agencies that I can join? 

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Please, i need to join an agency. 



Please go to the Search bar on the top right of the screen when you log into your account. Click the down carrot and select Talent. Next, on the left navigation bar, click agencies, sort by your interest, and message them. Have a great day!

Dont have the option to message them
Should we need to open the agency page ?



Hi Shehzad,


The only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside of Upwork. You can learn more about agencies here to help you decide if agencies might be a good fit for you.


~ Arjay
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Hi everyone. I'm an experienced WordPress Website Developer with knowledge of HTML, JS, PHP & CSS, etc I would like to join an agency. Can anyone tell me how to join Agency or anyone wants me to in....

Hi Hameed,


Thank you for reaching out to us. The only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside of Upwork. You can learn more about agencies here to help you decide if agencies might be a good fit for you.


~ Arjay
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I am Nativ and I am a writer in both English and Hebrew. I also do translation between both languages. I am a song writer and composer, pianist and creator. I can do transcription work, and voice-overs in English (not native, but world English, just like Wonder woman Gal Gadot) and in Hebrew. I have experience in all the fields I mentioned.
I did some works on Upwork, I am new here and in the forum; and would love to join agencies that need my skill set. I have a public profile. Thank you!


Hi, I am Serajus Salehin, a top rated Graphic Designer on this platform for 4+ years now. I am thinking of joining an Agency where I can work on a variety of different projects. I believe this is an effective way freelancers can grow and learn from each other. If there is any agency recruiter/ team leader here I will be more than happy to sit with you for a discussion and talk about my expertise, experience and what values I bring!


Thank you.

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Connect with me because I am looking to join an agency where I can increase my impact and bring you business! 

Hi Ahmed,


The only way to join an agency is to be invited by an agency administrator. Your relationship with them, including how you get paid, is managed privately outside of Upwork.

~ Joanne
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Hello Joanne 

I have a questions here: 

I've updated my agency to plus plan, and I already know whose profile I'm gonna invitate, but I have no idea about the targeting member's full name and or email address. how can I invitate him/her to my agency? 

Thank you in advance. 


Hi Xiaonlin,


You may want to reach out to the member to request their email address or username. You can only invite agency members using their email addresses or usernames for their Upwork account.


Thank you,



Looking for a job opportunities

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Hi Dear Viewers,

I am looking to Join an Accountancy firm to work with diverse and well managed team for a better Professional Carrier.

I am having more than 11 Years of experience as Audit, Finance and Tax Accountant. Work in various secotrs of Canada, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Can sombody help me please.

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Hello there 👋

I have done work for 2 client and have't gotten work since then.


I am Photo editor, Retoucher, Product retoucher,

I would join to an agency where I can get more works,

I am quite good and responsive, but I am not getting any job due to connect bidding.

I appreciate any kind of help!

Have a nice day



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I'm Collins, a creative brand identity/ graphic designer. I'm very much proficient with Adobe Suite. I've great Communication skills and good presentation abilities.


I've a very good style for minimalism and I can also work versatile to suit any Agency I work with...


I currently look towards working with an Agency with a great vision and goal.


Thank you !


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Hello All, 


Can I Anyone make me join accordig to my profile , I am new to upwork.

Below is my profile Link



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I'm happy to join to ambitious product with high perspectives and human oriented approch with team of professionals.

At my last workplace, an California e-learning platform i was taking care about 5 inner products such as Learning Management System, Admin Tools, CMS, Learning portal and Mobile App. Built research practice by planning, designing, preparing, and running high-quality user research activities. I've also successfully implemented the UX strategy and mentoried 3 designers to Senior level. Surveys and workshops activities resulted in increasing the product team's KPI per 25% and helped them to convert their vision to make our product more customer-oriented.


I have been working remotely with distributed teams for more than 3 years, and for the past year I've also worked internationally with California and Moscow based teams. Having a 5-year experience at all I have also developed own approach to design and communication inherited from meditation and cognitive psychotherapy principles. This approach allows to be a highly autonomous and proactive worker and took on complex tasks, such as co-creating the strategy for entering the US and UK markets. Fix cognitive distortions of employees and make them more productive and decrease company costs.


However, I think about myself not as a researcher per se, but as a service designer, because in my opinion service design approach is more holistic than UX research. When it comes to researching complex matters I try to go far beyond basic research and suggest changes in business strategy and vision. I focus on what different audience segments need and how the whole product lineup can serve them best.


I'll be glad to tell you more. Contact me via Upwork and let's get started!

Sincerely, Denis

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please I want to join an agency. thanks

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