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Freelancer ghosted us. Please advise

A freelancer that I was working with "does not currently have access to Upwork an will not receive messages until access is restored".


I hired a freelancer for assistance on a project for a client. In the middle of the project, I found the above notice within our messages.


I have obligations to my client and want to make sure I get the project done on time. Obviously without being able to contact my freelancer, I am not in the know of where certain tasks stand. In the meantime I am being proactive and have other team members helping to make sure we meet our deadlines.


Has anyone ever experienced this? I would love some insight on how to proceed. 



Hi Jenny,

Someone from our team will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you further.

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Assign the remaining work to other members of your team.


Which is what you are already doing.


This is a normal part of project management.

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